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Excerpt of web page written by David Arneke for the College Hill Neighborhood Association

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Overview of research at N.C. A&T

Hypoallergenic peanuts now available

College Hill Historic District

College Hill Neighborhood Guide

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Screenshot of blog post: Hypoallergenic peanuts developed by N.C. A&T licensed for use in food products, immunotherapy"
Excerpt of blog post written by David Arneke for N.C. A&T State University Division of Research and Economic Development

Attorney Lewis Pitts makes legal history to spotlight a ‘travesty’: how money rules the justice system

Aggieland is part of a #NationOfMakers

N.C. A&T awarded $1.6 million to increase cybersecurity research and education

Community-based participatory research at A&T: Engaging a church to help fight childhood obesity

Hypoallergenic peanuts developed by N.C. A&T licensed for use in food products, immunotherapy

UNC Board of Governors members tour labs

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Ad highlighting innnovation, research and leadership at N.C. A&T State University in Business North Carolina, July 2014
Advertisement text and design by David Arneke for N.C. A&T State University, Division of Research and Economic Development

Innovation, Research and Leadership (Business North Carolina, July 2014)

At N.C. A&T, commercialization and collaboration have become commonplace (advertorial, Business North Carolina, July 2014)

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